所有Prep Zone的老師不僅都在GMAT考試中獲得了排名99%的高分,而且在實踐中充分積累了經驗,形成了各自獨特的教學風格。在課堂之外,老師們還負責編寫商 學院的入學考試題目,例如INSEAD(英士商學院)EMBA的入學考試試題便是由Prep Zone的老師編寫的。

蔡祎婷   蔡祎婷(教學主管及教師)


   美國加州大學洛杉磯分校(2016 U.S.News美國大學綜合排名第23),獲得社會研究專業碩士;

   語言: TOEFL:110 /120;IELTS:8.0 /9.0;GRE:325/340;



Alexander Leibowitz   Alexander Leibowitz(教師)

   學歷:美國里德學院(2016 U.S.News美國文理學院排名第93)古典文學專業本科;

   美國加州大學圣塔芭芭拉分校(2016 U.S.News美國大學綜合排名第37)古典文學和哲學專業碩士

   語言:ACT:32 / 36; GRE:1390/1600 (2012年前GRE考試計分方式);



Eric Tian   Eric Tian(學術研發及教師)

   學歷:美國華盛頓大學(2016 U.S.News美國公立大學排名第16)生物科學專業本科;

   美國東北大學(2016 U.S.News美國大學綜合排名第47)計算機科學專業碩士;

   語言:TOFEL:113 /120;ACT:33 / 36; GRE:326 / 340;



Blake Hurst   Blake Hurst

   Senior Verbal Trainer (GRE Verbal 99%; LSAT 179 [99.9%])

   Stanford University J.D.

   Prior to joining Prep Zone, Blake worked as an assistant professor of business at a liberal arts college in the US. His connection with Singapore dates back several years to his days as a Fulbright Scholar at NUS. Having scored above the 99th percentile on the SAT and GRE verbal sections as well as on the LSAT, Blake is committed to help Prep Zone clients improve their test scores in order to achieve their academic goals. Beyond training, Blake has led GMAT-Zone’s most recent verbal content updates and is responsible for much of the world-class content used in our classroom.

Nagitha Kumarasinghe   Nagitha Kumarasinghe

   Co-founder, Director and Trainer

   MBA (INSEAD), LLB (Barrister at Law)

   A graduate of prestigious European business school INSEAD, Nagitha spent the early years of his career as a London-based consultant for various multi-nationals, including KPMG, IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Prior to setting up Collins Kumarasinghe Associates, he worked as an independent consultant for clients in Europe and Asia dealing with business development, strategy, and operations. In addition to his INSEAD MBA , Nagitha also holds an LLB (Law) from the University of Birmingham and is a Barrister at Law (London Bar School).

Timothy Laas-Nesbitt   Timothy Laas-Nesbitt

   SAT , IELTS, LNAT and Economics instruction

   University of Virginia / University of Amsterdam

   Timothy is a graduate of two UVAs: he studied English Language and Literature and Economics at the University of Virginia (UVa) before completing a master’s degree in economics at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). During his studies he focused mostly on 19th century British literature, behavioural economics, development economics, and Islamic banking.

   He has years of experience tutoring and consulting teenagers from diverse backgrounds, and is also a seasoned editor and translator. After graduating, he worked for the Dutch government before coming to Singapore in early 2014. Timothy enjoys literature, music, and economic policy.

Yash Joshi   Yash Joshi

   Verbal Trainer (SAT, GMAT, GRE, LNAT, UKCAT)

   Engineering (National University of Singapore)

   A former scholar of the National University of Singapore, Yash is a software developer with a wealth of experience in creating cutting-edge products. He loves languages – computer as well as human – and mathematics. As a Prep Zone trainer, he believes in giving his students personal attention, sharing with them his enthusiasm, and instilling in them a love for learning that not only helps them tackle the test but also endures beyond. At school in London, Yash won multiple prizes in the British Junior Mathematical Challenge and wrote his O-levels a year early. He topped his engineering program in India and came to NUS for postgraduate studies on a DTI scholarship. He now works with a large IT company and specializes in information security. Yash logged 2270 on his GRE with a perfect score in math and has tallied perfect scores in TOEFL.Healso holds a diploma in French and worked as a French Interpreter at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

Vrijen Attawar   Vrijen Attawar

   Verbal Trainer (SAT, ACT, UKCAT, BMAT, LNAT and IB)

   Economics B.A., Emory University

   Singapore is the 12th in a long list of cities Vrijen calls home, and with his move to Prep Zone brings an enthusiastic and fresh-faced approach to teaching standardized exams. He recognizes the value of a good education and strives to impart his love of learning for its own sake to all that he comes across. His professional experience includes an extended internship at KPMG as well as a stint as a co-coordinator at the Yunus Center, a non-profit awareness organization started by the 2006 Nobel Laureate Mohammad Yunus. Eschewing the “starving artist” model, Vrijen instead dedicates his spare time to writing short fiction works that he promptly stores away till they meets his obsessive, arguably unattainable, standards of perfection. He is also an avid reader of science fiction and puts the “fan” in fanatic with his love of football.

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